The 2CRZY4U Company concept was established in 2012 in Riverside, California. The concept of having the extreme 2CRZY4U lifestyle is applying their blessed God given abilities as individuals. Who feel they are just too extreme and 2CRZY4U at what they are capable of doing. They feel they go above and beyond abilities that exceed the competition, that what they can and are willing to do at this level, is the best of the best at what they do best. They feel their skill level is second to none and is CRZY enough for them but just 2CRZY4U. Overall 2CRZY4U represents the individual who personalizes and feels their lifestyle is extreme and just 2CRZY4U, regardless of the normal day in day out situations. Our vision is to help and support those individuals to find their inner skills, and be all they are capable of being in a positive manner. It seems at one time or another we all feel and say our lifestyle in general is just 2CRZY4U. We as a company give back 10% of all proceeds to the less fortunate, and give them the hope and dreams they seek and deserve so desperately.

John 1:1-5